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Don’t Mix Water And Timber Floors

Water can affect timber floors in a varieties of ways. But one of the most common problems that you can experience when water seeps into the wood is cupping or something we call crowning as shown above.
The reason for this is because the wood swells and subsequently buckles. At times, it can be so severe that the whole floor of a big portion of the floors needs to be replaced.

Also when sanding floors that are damp or moist, you may get some unwanted reactions to the coating that was applied to the wood.

The results of a moist or damp floor that has been finished with a coat of floor finish is stains, which can appear to be a while or opaque colour. The reason for this is because the moisture particles transfer into the floor’s finish.

Your floors should be protected and looked after on a daily basis. Remember not to leave water on the surface of the floor for too long!

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