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Decorating Your House Ideas After Installing Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring is no doubt your home’s best feature because it is inviting, casually comforting and looks very luxurious. A Luxury like this needs to be accentuated and decorated flawlessly so let’s explore some tips to help you maximize the beauty of your home.

Decorating with Walls and Sofas on a Timber Flooring

A light coloured wooden floors appears to be contemporary and and more artistic, if you are going to paint your walls, opt to the darker shades but not too dark to ensure that a contrast is accentuated. It is best for the furniture to be light and minimalistic.

Now if your Timber Flooring is dark, Melbourne Floors Mart suggest that you go for light walls and leather sofas, but not darker than the floor to avoid it from looking over crowded.

Give life to your Timber Flooring with Rugs

Colors makes a room alive and vibrant, you will be amazed to see how a rug can turn a cheap timber flooring turn into a very elegant floor. Rugs on timber flooring can provide pops of colors and styles, it has the power to define the space and soften a room.

Mix Timber Floor with Timber Furniture

Combining Timber Furniture with a Timber Floor can be rather challenging task but as long as you know how to keep balance of colours and textures they can work harmoniously together.  The key is if your floor has a warm or cool colours match it with varied light to darker shades .

View our gallery of Timber Flooring Here: Our Gallery

Decorating, aside from chanelling your inner artistic side is more of a balancing act without the hard and fast rules.  While this article may help you with ideas and a good starting point it is still best to seek help from those who knows best. For all Timber floor related needs, remember you can always get in touch with Melbourne Floors Mart.

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