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Great Tips For Mopping Timber Floors!

You can’t beat the natural beauty of solid timber floors. Great for those with dust allergies, timber is a very popular choice for flooring.

However, timber flooring does come with some unique ways to keep it clean, so a bit of special care and attention can really go a long way to keep your timber floors looing brand new.
Too hot and too much water can ruin your timber floors. Wet patches can cause staining on timber flooring and can even result in warped boards. The correct mopping method will extend the life and natural beauty of your timber floors thus protecting your investment.

Here are some of MFM’s top tips for cleaning timber floors with a mop!

1. Keep the mop dry!

The mop needs to be as dry as possible, keep wringing out as much water as you can untill the mop is only very slightly damp. Using a mop and bucket that has been designed for easy wringing will really make it easier for you. Your floors will also dry much faster too!

2. Follow the Grain

Look at your timber floors and mop in the direction of the wood grain. This will ensure the embedded dirt is easily picked up, makingthe cleaning process more effective. Trapped dirt or small grains of sand can rub against the timber if not cleaned up, causing light scratches over time.

3. Find the right cleaning solution

Many people recommend using just water and vinegar. If you care about your floors, don’t add anything harsh to the mop water like bleach or ammonia. Using a dedicated wood floor solution will ensure dirt is better lifted and bring back that beautiful timber gleam. We stock Woca cleaning products in our Melbourne Floors Mart Springvale and Coburg Stores.

4. Choose the right mop

There are so manymops out there to choose from, but what should you use? The greatnews isthereare specifically designed mops for timber floors. They have features to help take care of your timber floors . Look for one that is labelled for timber, which has delicate non scratch microfibre heads that will collect all the dust, dirt and particules.

Those are just some of our top tips.What are your tips and techniques for mopping timber floors? Share some on our Facebook page.

Or if you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

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