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4 Questions You Must Ask When Buying Timber Flooring

Most homeowners consider new timber floors because they are comfortable, durable and there is no comparison when it comes to the character and beauty timber floors brings to each and every room in the home. While there are plenty of options available, not every type of timber wooden flooring is appropriate for each application. If you are considering timber floors for your home, here are 4 questionsyou MUST ask.

1. What Type of Wood Flooring?

There are predominately two different types of timber wood flooring types. We have Solid Hardwood flooring or Engineered timber flooring.

Solid timber flooring is cut from solid wooden logs. It is joined with the traditional tongue and groove, along with both the long and short edges. Solid timber flooring is available in ‘raw timber floors’ or ‘prefinished timber floors’.

Engineered wood flooring is consist of multiple layers of plywood and composite material, and topped with a layer of solid timber hardwood. The hardwood layer or veneer on top can range in thickness from .6 millimetres to 6 millimetres. Engineered timber floors are usually more cost effective choice of the two.

2.What choice of Wood Species

There are so many different types of wood species used in flooring. Some are harder than others and thus more durable than others. Melbourne floors mart offers multiple choices including Australian species, you can check out our solid timber range to get a good idea.

Do you like light woods like Blackbutt? These species generally make a room appear more open and airy.
Do you like medium woods like spotted gum? These species generally make a room appear more warm and cozy.
Do you like dark woods like Jarrah or Blue gum? These species generally make a room appear more stately and refined.
Check out our products page for more ideas!

3.Type of Finish

The finish is a major factor in the overall look and feel of a timber wood floor. The same wood species will look entirely different finished in either a clear gloss, versus a distressed, hand-scraped or wire-brush finish.
Melbourne floors mart’s flooring is sold either “raw” or “pre-finished.” Raw timber floors are sanded and finished during installation, which provides for a good seal and prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating the joins between boards. Pre-finished flooring is finished in the factory and is applied in a controlled setting.

4. Cost and Installation

Many people forget to include the price of installation. The cost of wood flooring depends on the type, the wood species and the finish. The average cost of installation usually runs about half as much as the flooring but depends on the type of flooring and installation for your home.

Both solid timber and engineered timber flooring can installed by nailing and or gluing planks to a subfloor.

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