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Engineered Timber Wood Flooring

For people who are starting to look for high quality reasonably priced beautiful new flooring for their home, whether it’s for: a new home, the remodeling an existing home or putting on an addition, Engineered Timber Flooring is one of the best types of flooring you can install. In fact, engineered timber flooring is the perfect type of timber flooring Melbourne residents can install in almost any room of a home.

One of the primary reasons that Engineered timber flooring has become so popular over the last
decade, is because Engineered Timber Flooring gives all the class of hardwood flooring at a less expensive cost. That means that people have the luxury now of affording the beautiful lustrous look of natural timber at a price they can afford. Engineered timber flooring comes readily stained and finished and can be easily installed in any room.

Engineered timber flooring is made from real wood. But there are some differences between traditional hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. Engineered timber flooring has a base of a lesser quality timber than the premier wood used in traditional hardwood flooring. Traditional hardwood flooring is made of 100% of the same type of wood, cut directly from tree timber, sanded, stained and polished and installed in panels.

By contrast, the typical, base of engineered timber flooring is plywood and is the high-quality hardwood is placed over the plywood in several layers. These high-quality layers of timber are sanded, stained and polished in a similar way as traditional wood flooring. When complete the base of the flooring is different than the top two layers of wood. The top two layers of the engineered hardwood floor are 100% high-quality hardwoods made directly from the same high-grade timber as traditional hardwood flooring. The top layers of the wood are sanded, stained, polished and placed over the plywood. Just like traditional hardwood flooring, Engineered wood flooring comes in easily installed in panels.

Engineered timber flooring can be re-sanded and stained several times like traditional wood flooring. However, that depends on the type of installation method.

People who want all the beauty, luster and diversity of a hardwood floor at a cost they can afford, Engineered Timber flooring is the type of high quality, beautiful timber flooring Melbourne residents can readily afford to install in almost any room of their home.

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