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Timber Floors From Our Australian Saw Mill

Getting The Very Best Wood Flooring By Buying Direct From The Mill

For people who love the look, feel and durability of Australian timber flooring, quality is always a top priority. Not all hardwood flooring is the same even if the outside appearance is similar. A top-quality hardwood floor product comes from a reliable source that ensures quality standards are maintained in order to produce consistent fabulous final pro the highest quality and standards.

Ensuring Quality And Standards
One of the best ways to do to ensure you are getting the very best hardwood flooring products is to buy direct from a hardwood floor timber mill that mills and finishes their own products. While high-quality Australian timber flooring can last generations, lower quality wood flooring can be more inclined to chip, scratch, dent, and warp. Not just you are assured of quality but you also have a feel of where and how the products are made. Often inexpensive lower quality retail flooring products need replacement and does not maintain the look and feel of high integrity wood flooring.

The High-Quality Timber Mill Difference

While the low costs of a timber mill may seem similar with lower quality products at a retailer, high-quality Australian timber flooring direct from a top of the line timber mill offers a substantially superior finished product. At Melbourne Floors Mart, our high-quality hardwood flooring includes such wonderful native species as Ironbark, Blackbutt, Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, and Tallowwood. Additionally, all our timbers are supplied from plantations which ensures a consistency in the quality of our wood floor products. With over 25 years of experience in wood floor products, you can be assured that buying our high-quality products direct is the best flooring investment choice for your home or office flooring needs. Additionally, buying direct timber mill products is a great way for people to support flooring crafters right at their source.

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